Story: Under an Iron Fist


[Angst][Drama][Hurt][Comfort][Distopian AU][Rating M16]

A grimdark story told through the first person lens of Nick Wilde. When waking up from a coma after a severe hate crime attack, he finds the entire Zootopia a dystopian dictatorship where prey openly attack predators. His only choice is to find the bunny that supposedly enabled this all to come to pass but to do so would be to accept the one form of control that would bring him under her iron fist. Rated Mature for cursing and extreme (yet not graphic) depictions of violence. Intriguing setup and expertly told through a perspective not known for gripping storytelling. ~Darkflamewolf

Author: Cuttooth

Description :
Nick Wilde found something to be off in Zootopia. Tensions rose after that fateful press conference. The next thing he knows, he’s waking up from a coma 3 years later. Predators are forced to wear shock collars, an entire class of species is separated from society, and Nick has to come to the realization that a previous friend might have something to do with it… (Zystopian AU)

Under an Iron Fist
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  1. Still ongoing, but an excellent read. Nick takes the same kind of punishment (emotionally and physically) as Keanu Reeves' character in Street Kings – one problem after another.

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