Art of the Day #83- Dawn of the Bellwether

Dawn Bellwether by OneGutsyPony
Source [1]

Have we ever featured an Art of the Day that was all Bellwether?  I don’t think we have.  I guess I’m making the same mistake that Lionheart did.

Well, let’s give the World’s Greatest dad Assistant Mayor her dues, shall we?

Get your art after the break!

Young Dawn Bellwether by Manual Artist search required!
Source [2]

ズートピア まとめ by 朧
Source [3]

smellwether by joiehouse
Source [4]

Zootopia Fanart by itsjackielee
Source [5]

[Title Unknown] by のたま
Source [6]

Bellwether by MushyPillows
Source [7]

The power of the Floof by petanoprime
Source [8]

Politics of Fear by starryoak
Source [9]

Zootopia by VanRipper
Source [10]

Assistant Mayor Bellwether by Rozemira
Source [11]

[Title Unknown] by @ひよこ。🐣
Source [12]

[Title Unknown] by コマツコ
Source [13]

[Title Unknown] by mother.
Source [14]

Assistant Mayor Bellwether by dumkie
Source [15]

[Title Unknown] by K
Source [16]

Bellwether by 舵丸
Source [17]

[Title Unknown] by ぼうそう
Source [18]

Cute by 水平
Source [19]

Darkness by 水平
Source [20]

Fluff and Fuzz by FluttershytheKind
Source [21]

[Title Unknown] by じゃわこ
Source [22]

ズートピアLOG by 芋ち
Source [23]

Miss Bellwether by Manual Artist search required!
Source [24]


  1. Yep, she was a baaaad little sheep, but still so cute. Jenny Slate gave Bellwether such an endearing voice and personality while she appeared to be innocent in the conspiracy. She must've faced similar predator bullying and abuse as a kid like Judy did, but took the wrong path later in life. This one's Zootopia character is her empathetic prison psychiatrist, who happens to be a fox. Disneycow82 on DeviantART has some great art of a repentant Bellwether during her incarceration, too.

  2. My absolute favorite Disney villain! Bellwether always made me feel bad for her. Even when being arrested. She wasn't treated right and perhaps that's what lead her down that path.

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