Zootopia Fruit Snacks Review!

What is going on everyone? It’s your boy Fonz, and today I’m coming at you all with another product review!

For awhile now these fruit snacks have existed and been selling fast in stores and supermarkets. So, I decided that these would make for a great article for anyone who has not tried these yet and are unsure on if they want to pick them up.

Check out the review after the break!

The box is a bright orange color, with a big “NEW” logo right at the top. Right in the middle are our two favorite characters standing side by side, with some background drawings as well. Even the fruit snacks box knows that WildeHopps is a thing, just look at how those two are looking at each other!

On the front and right side there are some nutrition facts, as well as other details about the product and packaging. The bottom tells you to recycle and to collect Kellogg’s points. Guess I’ll have to buy more boxes! 

The top and left side show what characters are featured in this quick snack. Judy, Nick, Finnick, Bogo, Mr. B, Bellwether all make an appearance in a variety of colors and flavors!

The back has some different games that kids or whoever can play together. You can cut them out as well. Everyone loves a good game of freeze tag or hide and seek!

The actual fruit snack packaging is a bright orange like the box and has another picture of Nick and Judy on them. A classic shot of those two.

Opening the bag I got 9 fruit snacks in the pack. Colors vary in the pack but I was lucky enough to open up one pack and get all the flavors! This one is a very cherry heavy Bogo pack.

Fruit snacks flavors

Judy: A nice blue coloring leads me to believe that it’s either blue raspberry or blueberry. It’s so close flavor wise that it could honestly be both.

Nick: A bright orange color clearly signifies that he’s orange flavored. And a great Florida orange flavor at that. My personal favorite out of them all.

Bellwether: Bellwether’s flavor was surprisingly hard to pinpoint. She didn’t have a lot of flavor to her so it took me a minute to figure out that she’s most likely Green Apple. Which is fitting since she’s a sour person, especially in jail.

Mr. Big: A clearly and tasty grape flavor is what Mr. Big is. It’s a great flavor that you can definitely mark down as one of the good grape flavors you’ve tasted in your life.

Bogo: His angry scowl and bright red color goes hand in hand with his sweet (but not overpowering) cherry flavor. 
Finnick: A bright yellow matches up perfectly with his tropical pineapple flavor. It could also be a mix of other tropical flavors as well but pineapple is a clear note in it.

*Final Thoughts*
Overall these are amazing tasting and can go great with any lunch or just a mid-day snack. These were my absolute favorite to take to work with a sandwich and a water. Brings back some good memories of checking r/Zootopia while on my break and snacking on these. I found these at Target for $2 a piece, but they are also at Walmart and many other local groceries stores! 


  1. Nice review! I really wish Disney would start sending Zootopia merchandise to Canada. It is so hard to find anything, yet there is lots of other disney stuff for older movies or new ones. You think the US doesn't get much, come to Canada where we get even less!

    • The fact that we didn't get the ToysR'Us exclusive figurines was maddening. There are about 3 of them within 40k of me, but none of them received any.

      …and of course there was a whole bunch of Target-exclusive stuff, but we know how well that store did up here.

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