Zootopia Stickerland Pack Review!

Hey everyone! It’s Fonz again, and I’m here to bring you a quick review on this new item I recently saw at Walmart. This is the Zootopia Stickerland Pack which was available with a few other Disney and Pixar packs for around $3.

Check out my mini review of some fun stickers after the break!

Now, starting off you’ll notice Nick and Judy on the cover, as well as a claim that it includes over 120 stickers! It’s all packed onto 6 pages of sticker fun!


Now here’s the disappointing part… it’s the same stickers on all six pages.

Each page has roughly 20-21 stickers on them, all varying between singles of Nick, Judy, some signs, Flash, and even Yax! It’s nice to have repeating stickers, giving you the option to stick your favorite ones in different places. But they don’t really give you many options in terms of what stickers you get. You get a good amount of stickers, but not a lot of variety.

A little while back I did a review on a playpack, which also came with stickers. Those stickers had a different design compared to these; the playpack stickers have a cartoony drawn style to them, whereas these are basically images directly from the movie.  I almost prefer the drawn style over the pure screenshots, but these stickers do have different poses for the characters. These shots are also some of the most famous ones, which I’m sure collectors would like to have. 

The Zootopia Stickerland Pack is a decent deal for someone who’s looking for some stickers to place wherever they like. I personally stuck some stickers on my PS4, so go nuts and have fun!

I would give it a Fonz rating of 7/10, mostly for the amount of stickers you get for your money.  It’s a solid buy if you see it in your local stores.

You can pick these up at Walmart for around $3, or online with more stickers.


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