Comic: The Judy Fanclub (by CPRArtsALot)

Clawhauser, you stole my T-shirt!  I’m the president of the Judy Fanclub!  I run the news site that posts hundreds of articles about her!  Give it back!

All seriousness though, this comic is brilliant in its simplicity.  Kudos to CPRArtsALot for this.  Check it out over on tumblr, or after the break!

Okay Nick, I will concede victory to you.
…clawhauser still needs to give me back my t-shirt though…


  1. Sorry about the deleted posts…apparently I can't put the word BAM! inside the "greater than" & "less than" symbols at the start of a post AND so I don't have to delete any more posts, I'll just go with out the symbols….

    BAM! …and don't you forget it….

    (Clawhauser is awesome, though.)

    (kinda takes away from my subtly, though…anyone know why that happens?)

  2. probably has something to do with the html of the site
    All the elements in the code are surrounded by greater than and less than signs…
    Anyway, this comic is AWESOME

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