Zootopia Cosplay at Momocon 2016 (Music Video)

I am back from vacation, and as much as I loved it, it feels GOOD to be back at my normal computer.

Now, I’m not exactly a convention-goer.  I’ve heard they’re fun, but I’ve never been to one.  Mostly because I keep forgetting to check when and where they are.

But I used to live in Atlanta, so I have definitely heard of Momocon.  And apparently there were quite a few Zootopia cosplayers representing the fandom there this last year.

And before anyone says anything about cosplay being “cringey”, keep in mind that Cosplay takes guts to do, and people who do it really enjoy it.  It’s like dressing up for Halloween, but you don’t need to wait for October 31st.  So bravo to those who took “Try Everything” to heart and showed up as their favorite characters from our favorite movie.

Anyways, RealTDragon took footage of them and combined it into a cool music video set to a unique version of The Punken’s cover of Try Everything. (Which you should watch if you haven’t already)

Check it out after the break!


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