Two ZMV’s: Coming After You


I really need to pay more attention to popular music.  I’ve always liked Owl City, but I had no idea that they made what is essentially the ultimate theme song for Nick and Judy!  And they made it three years before Zootopia came out!

Although, if you want to start a conspiracy theory, Adam Young did work with Disney for Wreck-it-Ralph, which would have had them at Disney Animation Studios at a time when Zootopia was in production, working with Rich Moore, whose next movie was Zootopia…

Adam Young confirmed for First WildeHopps shipper.

(Just kidding!  …or am I?)

Check out a full ZMV to this song by FandomTrashYT, and a smaller, higher image quality version by Mimi Simone after the break!  Good job, both of you!

Longer video by FandomTrashYT
Shorter video by Mimi Simone


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