Zistopia Needs Help!

A little while ago, we featured an amazing comic series known as Zistopia.  It took concepts from the original plot and storyboards of Zootopia and expanded on them to create an epic-length comic.

Well, the author/artist, NicholasWildes, has run into some trouble.  Basically, there’s too much going on in their life to be able to continue updating at the rate they have been.  However, they don’t want the project to just go unfinished.

So, they are looking for artists to help them out.  If you can keep secrets (nobody likes spoilers) and are seriously interested in helping make this comic, then by all means, apply!

Full text of the original post can be found after the break, on Zistopia.com, or on Tumblr, (which is where you go to apply!)

Original Post by NicholasWildes:

You all know me as the person who spent three consecutive months neglecting schoolwork to rapidly and haphazardly bring about a Zootopia AU fancomic that is now up to 51 installments (excluding all bonus material). Before I knew it, the story that had started out as a series of one-shots and concepts with no real plot grew into a narrative that really gave me a chance to test out the crude storytelling ability that I have… And the response was even more monumental. 

I want to thank all of you for following this story so far. I want to thank you for reading it, for loving it, for hating it, for discussing it, and for giving it a chance. 

And yet I find as I go on with real life… Things are just getting more hectic for me. This summer I’m going to be on four different flights, I’m moving to a new country, transferring to a new Uni, I’ve got an enormous amount of growing and learning to do… It would be so easy for this project to just fizzle out halfway through because I’m too busy to keep the flame going. I dread this because it’s happened before. 

But I don’t want to drop this project. I don’t want to let this go, because I’ve got such a story planned. I’ve got at least 25 more installments worth of story. I really love what I’m writing. I can’t give it up now. 

The first option I have is to cram down output and slow the pace at which I work… But that would mean posting updates at an even slower pace. Going at a pace of twice a month for a year would mean the story ends sometime next Summer… I wanted to finish the story this August, but that’s a laughable idea now. And I don’t want to rush any of it so that the quality would be a repeat of update #51. I want this to be a good reading experience. I want it to be at a consistent time. I want a lot of things that I just haven’t got the time for. I need help. 

Which brings me to my second proposal… Would anyone be ready to turn this comic into a team effort with me? 

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy- right now I’ve got about half a dozen more installment outlines typed out. What I need is at least two more artists to help me regulate output. There’s no profit in this, but you can plug your ko-fi/Patreon/Kickstarter/commissions through it when the your final product is posted. 

At the rate I expect, it should be four updates every month, or every Monday depending on how it works out. 

If you’re interested in being part of a team, testing your ability to work with others, or telling a story, fill out and submit the application under the cut to me: 

Email: (if you are accepted you will get an email inviting you to be a member of a private blog) 

Moniker: (this is not your username. To retain confidentiality you will choose a mod name to use in private blog interactions. More explanation later.) 

Art blog/tag link: 

Sample interpretation: (redraw any six lines of dialogue from any past installment in your own style. I want to get an idea of your storytelling style. You don’t have to try and emulate my style; let your own shine through; the media (digital/traditional) you use isn’t an issue, so long as it gets the story across) 

By sending this application you are agreeing to offer your time and secrecy. Deadlines must be met and if you feel that you cannot deliver, maybe this isn’t for you. But if you’re up for the challenge, then go for it! 

If you’re accepted, you will be invited to be a member of a private blog where mods can discuss the project in confidentiality. This means you are taking an Internet blood oath to not tell a soul what you’re working on. Hush hush. 

If not, you will not receive any message and your application will remain confidential. 

All information is confidential and will not be posted publicly. 

Deadline for applicants is June 15, 2016. 

Next update is June 27. 

Good luck.

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