Petition to keep Nick and Judy as Permanent Characters at Disney Parks

Since Zootopia’s premiere, Nick and Judy have been a part of Walt Disney World’s “Move it!  Shake it!  Dance & Play it!” parade.  However, at most parks, they aren’t any regular Meet & Greets for these two.  Disney parks have a history of introducing characters while the movie is in theaters, but then withdrawing them later.

So, someone by the name of Ben Strom has created a petition to request that Disney keep these two on as permanent and regular characters at the various Disney Parks.

I for one am all for this.  Mainly because I’d love to see what the actors do to stay in-character all day.  I could see Nick pushing a cart around selling pawpsicles, and Judy chasing down any litterbugs she happens to spot.

Plus, the actors seem to ship WildeHopps just as much as we do, so you know the characters are in good hands.


I just love the face that guy is making.

So, if you want to keep these two a part of the Disney magic, head on over here and check out the petition!


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