Story: The Maddox Family

Art by the author

[Mystery] [Crime Drama] [Adventure] [Rated T-13]
I’m tempted to make a joke about a plot point so I’ll just leave it at this… fear the doctor.  Doctor who?  You’ll find out next time on The Maddox Family! ~ Pre-reader Tom

Author: Another Terrible Author

Description:  Ten months after solving the Nighthowler Conspiracy, crime in Zootopia has reached an all-time low.  However, chaos ensues when a string of kidnappings, conducted by a cult following the mysterious criminal known only as Maddox, takes Zootopia by storm.  With the ZPD left clueless, Nick and Judy take matters into their own hands, but learn that that’s what the Family wanted all along…

The Maddox Family

Additional Tags: Are Nick and Judy pawns in someone else’s game, or players?

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Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7