Art of the Day #656

Onboard a Tram With Nick and Judy by Amadose
Source [1]

Hello again, Friends of Zootopia.  It’s time for another fantastic Art of the Day collection from ZNN

Our Featured Image for this week is kind of a double dip. It’s from an artist whose work we haven’t shown before — Amadose.  Here we see Nick and Judy, sharing a tram-ride with the OC of a friend of his.  We have no idea where our favorite fox and bunny are going, but we love that evening dress

And that’s not all, folks!   The pic above is from a social media platform that we only recently discovered — Bluesky.  We learned about it after several Zootopia fanartists we know decided to set up shop there.  When we checked it out for ourselves, we were delighted to find some fan-pics from creators we hadn’t encountered before.  We will definitely be posting more artwork from this platform in the future.

And speaking of Zootopia fanart, if you will only scroll down, you’ll even more fine examples.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Seeing Eye to Eye by @zigrock_brony
Source [2]

Pawpsicle Hustle by @nana_coco77
Source [3]

The chap at far right is the OC of ZNN staff member Vol Foxxo–who helped locate some of the pics you see in our collections.

Zootopia by PhoenixFirre
Source [4]

Tiger by ThokJackson
Source [5]

Nick and Judy by @poke_pipipo
Source [6]

Zootopia by @samumudisneyart
Source [7]

Nick and Judy by @hnab29
Source [8]

Nick by @zigrock_brony
Source [9]

More Nick by @zigrock_brony
Source [10]

Happy 5th by @zigrock_brony
Source [11]

Naptime by @kimagurewface
Source [12]

Nick and Judy by @kimagurewface
Source [13]

Bunny Cheeks by @kimagurewface
Source [14]

Hug by @kimagurewface
Source [15]

Try Everything by @i___131
Source [16]

Pawpsicle by @SugokuShiitake
Source [17]

Finnick and Gazelle by @shirokumaztp
Source [18]

Nicka nd Judy by @wanuko_2185
Source [19]

Bunnyback Ride by @8sakana2
Source [20]

Head Down! by @luca_rkgk
Source [21]

Flowers by @strawberry628
Source [22]

Stepping Out by @strawberry628
Source [23]

So Emotional by @mio_ney
Source [24]


  1. So it’s come the day ZNN features Amadose’s work. I know that we are running kinda low on new art pieces now, 7 years after the movie and all, but couldn’t it have been some other artists whose works are more… widely enjoyed?

    • Amadose keeps his NSFW art on Bluesky hidden, so it’s really not an issue. We’ve featured other works by primarily adult artists in the past. We judge by the art…not the artist.

    • How would someone’s art be more widely enjoyed if we don’t feature it? And surprisingly, we actually aren’t running low on new pieces- we just like featuring people we haven’t before. Keeps things interesting, you know? Besides, like merc said, we judge by the art, not the artist. The only people we won’t feature are those who ask us not to.

  2. “We have no idea where our favorite fox and bunny are going”
    Given this artist’s work, if you know where they are going, you definitely know where they are going xD

  3. Genuinely touched to show up here! Been a silent reader for YEARS. Thank you for having me! I’m really happy to see a piece like this one show up and be enjoyed and had so much fun drawing TrashTikko.

    I realize the body of my work might not be for everyone and some find it contentious (Content Warning, I’m predominantly an 18+ artist with a very orthodox take on the Wilde/Hopps ship, so pls don’t look to my work if that sounds upsetting). But I adore Zoop, all the amazing work that gets shared here, and the fun slices of news you all post =) You’re a beacon of positivity and I really appreciate you all.

    Thank you again!

  4. I think we have very different ideas about some of these things!

    If it helps: I’m just trying to tell a story with multi-faceted characters who are trying and doing their best to explore new and interesting sexual territory together. But I get how it’s not for everyone, and that some of the instigating factors I used to set up the story can be upsetting for readers. The ZNN team had an After-Dark episode on their YouTube a few years back that talked about using big and extreme moments to really help elevate a story or make moments hit and I think a lot of the thoughts and statements there could be applied to my story.

    That quote doesn’t sound like me, so maybe it’s re-written, or missing some context. If I did write that I’m happy to apologize and clarify – I don’t think folks are insecure if they don’t like my comic. I know for some it elicits a difficult reaction, crosses a line, and is just way too much and I respect that even if I don’t understand it fully. I think I’ve invited those who feel that way to challenge *why* they feel that way in the past, but I also really champion that my comic isn’t for everyone.

    I am sorry that even seeing one of my SFW images was upsetting.

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