Video: Original Version of the Weaselton Interrogation Storyboard


It may be only *checks the Zootopia 2 counter that we apparently have now* 640 days until the Zootopia 2 sequel we’ve all been waiting for finally drops, but that doesn’t mean we’re quite done with the original yet. Thanks to taco over on Twitter, we’ve now got a storyboard of the original version of Nick and Judy’s interrogation of Weaselton.

It more or less plays out the same way as the final version that made it into the movie, but still, it’s fun to look at all the little differences and speculate on how they might’ve changed things. I certainly imagine all the WildeHopps fans out there will appreciate the more protective version of Nick this cut had. (Seriously Weaselton, how did you think things would go when you treat our favorite bunny like that?)

Check it out in the link below or over on Twitter and let us know what you think. Maybe even give taco a follow while you’re at it.

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