Art of the Day #335

The Wildde Family by skeletonguys-and-ragdolls Source [1] Over the past few years there have been any number of Zootopia X Addams Family crossover pics posted on the web…but paws down, this is the best we’ve seen so far. Clawhauser as […]


Art of the Day #326

Piece I did recently by @ByronPHoward Source [1] Hello again, everyone. For this week, we are once again switching places between our random and themed Art of the Day collections. (We’ll be posting our Easter Album this coming Thursday.) But […]


Art of the Day #325

Long life the king! by machinewithsoul Source [1] And you thought Dawn Bellwether was treacherous! You know, I can almost see a character like this popping up in the sequel. In the meantime, we present another collection of random Zootopia […]

Rich Moore Leaves Disney Studios

Rich Moore Leaves Disney Animation

Following 10 years of service at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Rich Moore, director of Wreck-it-Ralph (and its sequel) and co-director of Zootopia, is leaving for Sony Pictures. Many in the Zootopia community are aware of the movie’s co-director Rich Moore, […]

Unused Alternate Scenes for Zootopia!

Unused Alternate Scenes for Zootopia

Disney animators are a hardworking bunch, as you might expect from artists working for one of the world’s leading animated movie makers. Sometimes the final product isn’t the only product that had to be considered, though. Little emphasizes this more […]


Art of the Day #323

Zooloween Unfriended: Zootopian Nightmare by fairytalesartist Source [1] Our featured image for today was created by ZNN’s very own FairyTalesArtist, and I must say that he absolutely nailed the movie reference in this pic. Have you guessed it yet? Well, […]


Art of the Day #322

Still Going Strong by Qalcove Source [1] “You kids get off my lawn!” This is probably the best rendition I’ve seen so far of Nick and Judy as senior citizens. She’s still Little Miss Rules-are-Rules (but now with a crotchety […]