Art of the Day #637

Judy by @SerarelDeer Source [1] Hello again, fellow fans of Zootopia…and welcome to another fabulous Art of the Day collection from ZNN. We’re glad you’re here. Our featured image for this week comes from a somewhat newly discovered fan-artist, SerarelDeer. […]


Art of the Day #635

Gotcha! by @ug_lm5 Source [1] Good Day to you all, ye lovers of Zootopia…and welcome to the latest Art of the Day collection from ZNN. For this week, we’re doing things a little differently.  Our Featured Image is actually the […]


Art of the Day #634

Forensics by iPoke Source [1] Hello once more, Zootopia fans.  Yes, it’s Thursday again–and time for another, awesome Art of the Day Collection from ZNN. Whoa, it was tough call this week, trying to decide on a Featured Image.  We […]


Robot Judy takes the stage!

Yesterday, during The Art and Science of Disney Parks’ Storyelling panel at SXSW, the Disney Imagineers unveiled their newest type of robot for use in their parks for small characters, starting with none other than our favorite rabbit, Judy Hopps! […]


Merch: Nick Wilde Shopping Bag

Source This just in…the animals of Zootopia were spotted doing their part to help people cut down on their carbon footprint. Adopting more environmentally sustainable practices such as reusable shopping bags is certainly the right thing to do, but isn’t […]