Art of the Day #629 – The Art of Alps Sarsis

Time by sarsis
Source [1]

Hello, everybody.

As many of you are no doubt aware, last week the Zootopia Fandom was saddened by the news of the passing of Alps Sarsis, author of the Guardian Blue fanfic series. What many people may not know is that he was also an artist–and a very good one–producing illustrations and cover pics for his fanfiction stories, as well as some great fanart pieces, and a slew of wonderful non-Zootopia pics.

And so today, we pay tribute to Alps Sarsis’ artistic talents with collection of his artwork, Zootopian and otherwise. Godspeed, brother, we’ll miss you.


We open with a gallery of artwork, dedicated to Alps Sarsis’ fanfiction.

Thanks for the Fox – New Cover by sarsis
Source [2]

thanks for the Fox – Cover by sarsis
Source [3]

Who Writes This Cover by sarsis
Source [4]

Guardian Blue, Season 1 – Cover Art by sarsis
Source [5]

Zootopoia Fanfic Illustration by sarsis
Source [6]

And now, a couple of fanart pieces.

Judy as a mage

Judy Hopps. Fall Festival Costume by sarsis
Source [7]

The Skye’s the limit

Sensory Overload by sarsis
Source [8]

Not Zootopia…but still Disney.  This one was created in response to an art challenge.

Gadget’s Had Enough, Dale by sarsis
Source [9]

Moving on, we present a gallery of artwork featuring Alps Sarsis’ online alter-ego

New Profile Image by sarsis
Source [10]

Alsp – Aged Up by sarsis
Source [11]

Alps Alternating Style by sarsis
Source [12]

Bouncing Back by sarsis
Source [13]

Halloween 2021 by sarsis
Source [14]

Rain Detention by sarsis
Source [15]

Some of Sarsis’ OCs

20 Sided Portrait – Color by sarsis
Source [16]

Next, we have a collection of images featuring Rosa Sarsis, Alps’ RPG daughter.

Rosa Sarsis by Sarsis
Source [17]

Rosa Geeky by sarsis
Source [18]

Rosa Sexy by sarsis
Source [19]

Rosa, Formal Outfit by sarsis
Source [20]

Rosa, Summer Outfit by sarsis
Source [21]

We wrap things things up with a series of Alps Sarsis sketches, concept pics, etc., published here for the first time.  Big thanks to fellow Zootopia Fanfic authors and Sarsis fans, LapisLucius42 and O.H._Shoot, for providing them.

An early concept sketch for the cover of Guardian Blue, Season 1. Some things remained the same, others though were changed around. Case in point, Skye about to learn that those stripes aren’t the product of Nick and a bottle of fur dye.

Cocnept Art – Season 1 by Alp Sarsis
Source [22]

Concepts for a season 2 cover, including ZPD Psychologist Dr Carlisle and Vivenne Wilde; showing off her archery skills.

Season2Cover_SketchWIP2 by Alp Sarsis
Source [23]

Sammie, a Hopps sister and WildeHopps fan.

Sammie Hopps by Alp Sarsis
Source [24]

Another Sam, New Reynard’s unofficial greeter. He looks sweet…that is, until you try to kindly educate him that Robin Hood is a fictional character.

Sam 2 by Alp Sarsis
Source [25]

A more detailed sketch of a star of Season 2, and Sheepless in New Reynard, Motti.

MottiTest1 by Alp Sarsis
Source [26]

Remember Honey, the survivalist Ratel from the ‘Tame Collar’ version of Zootopia?  Here she is, geeking out in a scene from Sheepless in New Reynard.

Honey Geeks Out by Alp Sarsis
Source [27]

Speaking of Honey, this exchange between her and Lieutenant Richter Bay didn’t happen ‘on screen’ in Guardian Blue–but we like to think it happened ‘off screen’, heh, heh.

Honey-Bay by Alp Sarsis
Source [28]

Some Jack and Skye sketches

Jack and Sky Sketches by Alp Sarsis
Source [29]

Nick being Nick

Nick Will B Nick by Alp Sarsis
Source [30]

Wildehopps sketch.

Bunnylove by Alp Sarsis
Source [31]

How about a Chibi Nick?

ChibiNick by Alp Sarsis
Source [32]

And here’s a Chibi Finnick–not that anyone can tell the difference between this and the ‘normal’ Fin.

FinChibi by Alp Sarsis
Source [33]

Nick goes to Disneyland. 

Nick at Disneyland by Alp Sarsis
Source [34]

And finally…

A comic, created by Alps Sarsis, featuring Nick, Judy, and Benjamin Clawhauser.

Nap Time by sarsis
Source [35]

Nap Time – 2 by sarsis
Source [36]

Nap Time 3 by sarsis
Source [37]

Until next time…


  1. RIP to a great member of the fandom, and thanks for making the world a better place. Judy would be proud.

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