Art of the Day #597

Another Day of Work by Hexecat
Source [1]

Hi again Zootopia aficionados…and welcome to another amazing Art of the Day collection

Our Featured Image has Porsha Crystal trying to explain things to Nick and Judy.   Hmmmm, now what do you suppose is going on here? 

Well, if you take a good look at the background, you’ll see a rather unhappy Buster Moon and an even more unhappy Loona–in the midst of an encounter with Shirou Oogami.  Diane Foxington is visible too, although she’s not taking part in the action.

And that’s not all folks; there’s lots of other great Zootopia fanart waiting for you below, including a nifty image of Judy on SWAT duty, Mayor Lionheart greeting a constituent from Little Rodentia…along with Nick Wilde’s worst nightmare. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


You like my suit? Gee, thanks! Just bought it. by AgusTheLatinFurry
Source [2]

You Look MAH-velous. by AAR0NJAY
Source [3]

Movie night by sondreadful
Source [4]

Zootopia Fox Nick Wilde by Messy-Mane
Source [5]

Rough night for Nick by sondreadful
Source [6]

Pool by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [7]

I am Not Afraid of you Horn Rex! by J-ManTheAngel
Source [8]

On the top by Akwaster
Source [9]

Hi by secoh2000
Source [10]

WildeHopps by Risang_DrawStuff
Source [11]

Zootopia by DiSkeit
Source [12]

Judy in SWAT uniform by powree
Source [13]

Judys Pawpsicles by Surryfox
Source [14]

Coffee Break by NerizolikOnotomie
Source [15]

Judy and Nick by Dardekilio
Source [16]

nick in the shade by thingirl
Source [17]

Kaa and Judy by SpiEye
Source [18]

Nick And Mr. Wolf by SoulEaterSaku90
Source [19]

Nick is watching TV by Dyuiman
Source [20]

Foxes and a lamp by RrezeLicht
Source [21]

Happy 5th, Zootopia! by helpandhints2
Source [22]

Chief Bogo by Yoshiknight2
Source [23]

Yax by Yoshiknight2
Source [24]

Ya know, Nick…you really shouldn’t watch all those Kaiju movies after having an argument with Judy–and right before going to bed.

Fox B Gone by teaselbone
Source [25]

One of our favorite artists, Ziegelzeig was badly hurt in fall down some ice-covered straits the other day. (We’ll be paying tribute to him in next week’s collection.)  He’s in some serious pain, according to the latest reports, and is being attended to by his fiancee, OceRydia.  If you’re friends with either of them online, they’re in some fair need of support right now, both moral and financial.

Thanks for reading.


      • Artifical Intelligence, generated art. Most of the programs used take art without permission to train and frame the results generated off of, it’s a breach of both copyright and general ethics of personal property.

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with hcarlton: say no to AI-art!
    They steal real art, cutting and pasting it togheter, and the result is almost always ugly!

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