ZNN’s Very Own Tonakuma Inverviewed at the 2022 Penti-Con Cosplay!


Who doesn’t love a good Con? They’re an energetic and all-inclusive environment where people can be whoever, or whatever they want. Each Con may have its differences, but you can bet that there’s always room for creativity. Recently, a convention was held called Penti-Con (no relation) attended by ZNN’s very own Tonakuma showing off some of their work.

Turns out Tona managed to get some attention because Gord Goble, a local reporter, was chronicling their visit to the con and wound up interviewing Tona on just what it is that inspires his work. Not a bad way to garner some attention. So whether you’re a fan of conventions, are planning to go to one, curious why they are so popular, This story is definitely worth a look. What about everyone? Have you ever attended a convention? What was your experience like? Share in the comments below!

Check out the full article at the link here.