Video: Talking Zootopia+ with Director Josie Trinidad (by Disney Plus)


So, how about that Zootopia+ show? Fun stuff, right? Bet you’re all just chomping at the bit for some more Zootopia+ goodness. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered thanks to this video from Disney Plus.

Jenny Lorenzo takes the microphone and interviews the director of Zootopia+ herself, Josie Trinidad. The two take some time to celebrate Filipino American heritage and discuss the prominence of diversity in Disney as well as the role it plays in Zootopia itself before diving into the meaty bits of the show’s various episodes.

There’s quite a lot to discuss as they go over the shorts and talk about the inspirations behind them. There are even some nice previews of upcoming content that you can check out along with everything else in the video link below or over on YouTube.

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