Art of the Day #1 Domo Arigato, Ms. Aggretsuko

Aggretsuko News Network. by Kora_Cottontial
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It’s me, OH-Shoot, here to celebrate a VERY special anniversary. If you told me four years ago that I’d still be putting out art of the day posts for our newly released favourite talking animal series, you’d have me laughing like Fenneko. But it seems the HaHaHaHaHaHa’s are solely reserved for the best fennec fox out (-hmmmmmm…) …there!  -Excuse me a second…..


-Sorry about that. Anyway, what better way to celebrate four years of Aggretsuko here at ‘zuko news network than a collection of the best we’ve ever seen.


Ah, the tea run. Bane of our fav red panda’s existence. But you know, I think she must have enjoyed at least the first one.

Aggretsuko – Just a mild mannered red panda by War_Dyn27
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We know red panda’s are cute, but this is just showing… Hang on a sec.

Aggretsuko4 by MoiYablochki
Source [3]

I knew taping a pine marten to a chair would be tricky but… -Oh, sorry about that distraction. Here’s… an art!

Retsuko from Aggretsuko by StrawBear
Source [4]

In all seriousness, that’s a great bit of interpretation. Sanrio’s style is unique, but it’s also a great blank slate for artists to interpret and develop the characters we love in their own style. Like here.

Aggretsuko 2 by foolypoly
Source [5]

The show may have her name, but it’d be nothing without the other characters. Including the most iconic fictional fennec out there… (mmmmm) -ONE WITHOUT EQUAL!

Aggretsuko!! by Shuuzo
Source [6]

-Like you made use of him in your fic… -Ah! Fenneko. Her laugh may be her most famous quirk, but her stare is up there too. After all, that tells you that a laugh is coming, regardless of how carefully you tread.

What’s Up by funktilda
Source [7]

What is this? Heresy? Ah, while the Haida may have his romantic eyes set on best-panda, I think we all know his bestie is, even if it is a she. And looking surprisingly non-judgemental at that!  Someone here could learn something from that you know.

Aggretsuko Redaw – Fenneko and Haida by SiDniTheFox
Source [8]

Don’t give me that look. Yup, that’s totally the caption for this pic and not me talking to anyone else in this room!

Morning Coffee by DanPhoenixArt
Source [9]

What’s better than one Haida. More Haidas!

The Best Boy by notglacier
Source [10]

Ah, we’ve kept you waiting long enough… (mmmmmm) -I’VE kept you waiting long enough. Enjoy a few pics of the BEST mixed species couple in pop culture. Now, and forever. THE END.

Leaves this here and Runs Awau by huyvo2001
Source [11]

Aggretsuko screenshot Redaw by Sketch-Shepherd
Source [12]

Aggretsuko1 by Plushkinn
Source [13]

-Whose favourite anthro story did I get the fox taser from anyhow? I don’t want to use it, so just let me introduce one of the biggest new stars of the story where such things don’t exist because who’d be interested in a story where they do! When we bumped into this guy at driving school, who’d a thunk just how much depth and intrigue we’d get out of him, huh? Enjoy this trio of terrific Tadano arts!

Together with Tadano by therometwin
Source [14]

Fanart -Tadano by CandyGold
Source [15]

Tadano Headshot by UmbraEmber
Source [16]

Fun fact. Ookami is not a fox, but instead a maned wolf. Always in the background, but for a little moment in each season he can give some wicked-sick words of wisdom. Or just chill on a chair, without needing to be attached to it by adhesive tape or anything. Imagine that!

Ookami by Leey
Source [17]

Handsome, dapper, yet casual. With a slight expression of concern on his face, as if he’s watching a very angry pine marten who’s hogged this job for too long trying to wiggle free and stop his moment in the sun. The kind of scenario we all find ourselves in once in a while, don’t we?

Ookami (aggrestsuko) by Habiyeru
Source [18]

Feral ‘suko art is rare, but always appreciated. Look at de-coot office maned wolf! Look at him! Please…

Long Leggy Boi by Leey
Source [19]

You know, when Haidsuko is shipped up and sailing high and angst free around season 300 or so, Fenneko might decide to look for her own love. She might think him an airhead, but who knows?

Ookami and Fenneko by djcoyoteguy
Source [20]

We’ve gone this far without Ton. Naturally he’s very angry. The second angriest mammal in the room! -I mean first, hahaha. Who in the world would have less chill than this guy. Question mark. Stare.

Pressure (Aggretsuko) by Leo-Artis
Source [21]

-In my defense… -This ship has been a common one for these two. The suck-ups hook up! Do you know how much sucking up I had to do, and they still wouldn’t let me….

Tsunoda and Komiya by WildBlur
Source [22]

-The point is you lot left me no choice. -Oooh, sorry! Just gossiping to no-one in particular. Looks like I’m becoming a regular old Kabae. And while her office gossip may be overbearing, it seems everyone is having fun here.

Friends Meet by SiDniTheFox
Source [23]

And here my dear friend are the REAL ‘quote’ baddest bitches in the room! And every bit awesome for it.

Gori and Washimi by Hinataa__Wolf
Source [24]

WashiGori by Avielsusej
Source [25]

Wahsimia and Gori by MixedJam
Source [26]

What is it with mustelids and going crazy with working conditions huh? Always ‘you create a hostile work environment this’ or ‘untape me now or the Merc will actually stand for mercy you don’t deserve’ that. But fun fact, in the original shorts Anai was the sweetest guy. Always eager to help out Retsuko above him… even if a bit too eager.

First Day at WOrk by Erikoon
Source [27]

Hi ZNN main office. Everything is under control, situation normal… -Had a slight scheduling issue, but uh… everything’s perfectly alright now. We’re fine, we’re all fine here, now, thank you… How are you? -Uhhh, negative, negative. We just had a slight dispute now, give us a few minutes to work it out. Large subject, very heated…

Anai by Max_Muffin01
Source [28]

Boring conversation anyway! Unlike ones about this gal! She may not have been the one for Haida, but she’s still a very special girl.

Inui from Aggretsuko by @AWDtwit
Source [29]

Cozy autumn vibes, they’re great ALL times of the year!

Long overdue Inui by @DarwinTFish
Source [30]

Another great group pic! With an added Resasuke too!

The Aggretsuko Gang by MissJazzDaFunk
Source [31]

-AHHHHHHH!!!! THAT’S IT SHOOT! FUN TIME OVER, I’M GONNA MMMPPPHHHHHH…   -Ooops, minor duct tape related technical error there. But, my loyal assistant was all too happy to give a shot at the legendary Retsuko death metal screech! Let’s all give it a go!

Aggretsuko :v by coatl
Source [32]

Didn’t you have a talent show in your fic? How’d you think these two would perform?

Aggretsuko2 by Amalika
Source [33]

Try one grunt for bad, two for poor, three for meh…

Aggretsuko3 by Keto-Schneider
Source [34]

-You know I shouldn’t be surprised… -About how awesome this group art is! Seems like the entire gang is getting in on the action.

RAGE by Nivanilla
Source [35]

When I Count to Ten by littlefaeriebottles
Source [35a]

BANG…. -Seems like the entire gang HAS got in on the action. I hope you don’t mind me using your chair to prop it shut… -Calling me chicken hey? Seems like you’re fanning for the rocker Yeen who does that in the name of punk!

Haida Fanart by Heavycoconut
Source [36]

Okay, Guys? Guys? Guys… Just, chill… No need to knock down doors. If it makes you all less angry, I’ll do some crossovers… How about the most famous other red mammal out there! One who comes from their minority background, who at first used others opinions of themselves to skirt on by hustling money, only to then learn the importance of standing up for themselves against a higher authority and doing what was right! Breaking boundaries and defining their own future while they did so! Yeah! Yeah, I’m serious! That’s… We’re all cool now! (Mmmmmm) -I’ll deal with you later, okay? 

Raging Red Pandas by InYuJi
Source [37]

DUDES! Don’t blame me for your pre-conceived notions! Isn’t that literally the entire point of your movie? No. I’m not backing off. I’m doubling down. I mean Merc here loves this movie. Right? Ri… Where’s he gone?

Red Panda Girls by Shenanistorm
Source [38]

Uh… Merc? We’re all cool, right? Right? C’mon. It was just a joke! We can go back to office chat. I mean, did you see that ludicrous display last night? 

No… But I’m about to see a very painful display right now!

No need for that! Look! More red pandas! We all love red pandas, right, right?

Red Pandas are on of my favorite animals by @GomiSins
Source [39]



You’re too late! Now, in the spirit of the holidays, mainly THIS one, let’s all laugh about it and… Yeah, there! There! Uh… guys, put the skunk down! PUT THE SKUNK DOWN!

Singing Carols by lulupoppi
Source [40]

Merc here, signing off on behalf of the ZNN team, until next time! I have Shoot as my hostage. I want $10 thousand dollars in small, unmarked Bitcoins, or I will let him GO!

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