Story: Practically Poor

Art by Qalcove

[Rating T13]Drama][Friendship]

Penniless and alone, Nick and Skye and Judy and Jack might not have much to their name, but they have each other. And sometimes, that’s all you need. For what you may ask? Well, that chronicle of chaos is what Dancing Lunar Wolves has created. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Dancing Lunar Wolves

Description :
“Life doesn’t always go the way you want. It’s not always hopeful, peaceful, or welcoming. It may be about barely making it by in a city surrounded by everyone that doesn’t want you. Join our favourite foxes and rabbits as they try to find if they can really make the world, their world even a little bit of a better place. Home’s not always where you stay, it’s who stays with you.”

Practically Poor

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