Story: Vootopia

Art by iPoke [Rating M16][Drama][Supernatural][Complete] Judy is sensing a bad juju here, as it turns out that magic isn’t just confined to Halloween. For this spooky story, ubernoner weaves together an intriguing and fun tale where it turns out that […]

Bogo-in Down

Story: Bogo-in Down

Art by 舵丸 [Rating T13][Drama][Complete] Zootopia ended with everyone happy and turning over a new leaf. This includes Chief Bogo, who saw the error of his ways and accepted Nick and Judy into his force. All happy, right? Except this […]


Story: Anthropomorphic Non Sequitur

Source [Collection][Silly][Fun][T-13][Incomplete] By: ubernoner Need some humor and light, silly reading? You found it! This is a collection of one-shots that were made to be funny and an easy read, and they deliver that and more! ~GorganCM Description: This is […]