Zootopia Memes! Zootopia Memes for Days! (Give or Take a Few Months And/or Years)


The things we do to help cope while waiting for more Zootopia content XD. Some like to read and write fics, others like to make music or art, and others like to discuss and analyze various aspects of the movie and its characters. There’s a lot of ways to cope is what I’m getting at. Frankie3110 over on the Zootopia Reddit came up with something a bit different, though. They decided to start making memes.

Sure, we’ve already seen our fair share of Zootopia memes (heck, ZNN just held a Zootopia meme contest not that long ago), but Frankie’s doing something a little more… ambitious. Ambitious like making a meme a day for every single line of dialogue from Zootopia until the sequel comes out. That’s right, you heard me: Every. Single. Line. In a movie with a runtime of nearly two hours, that’s going to make for quite a lot of memes.

Frankie3110’s been at it for just under a month now and you can check out the very first meme down below. Be sure to keep up with their posts as well, there’s still quite a ways to go until the film has reached peak meme capacity.

Making a meme out of every line of Zootopia until the sequel comes out. Day 1. from zootopia

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