A Wild ‘Zootopia 2’ Bootleg Appears! [Midnight Madness]

Source: Ziegelzeig

Gather ’round, everyone, it’s story time! This is the Saga of BlueFolf and the Bootleg. Are you ready? Too bad, I’m telling it anyway!

It all started one afternoon, when a furry youtuber by the name of BlueFolf entered her local thrift store. We presume it had a sign like this out front. While she was perusing their fine assortment of 100% legally licensed copies of movies, she discovered something that doesn’t (at time of writing) exist.

Zootopia 2.

Needless to say, there were several things wrong with it beyond it’s very existence. Judging from the cover, whoever created this had taken a piece of art from our good friend Ziegelzeig, edited out the subtitle, and smacked a title and dvd-video logo on it, presumably in either MS Paint or Microsoft Word.


She quickly discovered that the back of the case was torn  across the middle for no well-explained reason. Curiosity got the better of her, and she bought the movie. Upon opening it, she found a note on the inside describing the movie. Apparently it is a ‘coemdy advenutre film’ starring Officer Judy Hop, who is determined to prove himself and solve her first case. It even has a review from the New Yrok Times!


She had to know more. She had to see what was on such a masterfully crafted piece of digital media. She turned on her TV, inserted the disk into her DVD player, and hit play.


She was greeted by the sight of Nick Wilde, staring out of the screen with the movie’s title next to him in bright yellow and orange letters. Behind the still image of our favorite fox, another movie played.

Yes. It was Fury. The very movie that Ziegelzeig’s art was parodying, was now being played with Nick Wilde overlayed on top of it. According to BlueFolf, “The audio is really distorted and there’s a robot narrator saying ‘Zootopia 2’ over and over and over again”.

Truly, this was cinema at its finest.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out BlueFolf’s whole thread detailing her experiences over on twitter.


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