Story: World War Zoo

Art by 0l-fox-0l


War is hell, and sometimes not even our favourite bunny and fox can escape it. Not a fic for the faint hearted, this is one that sugar coats nothing… But may end on a final note that shows that however dark, somehow, somewhere, light will shine again. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Last Edge

Description :
My latest distraction from Broken Clockwork. A mix of world wars 1 and 2 as the setting, conflict between the Predator Alliance and the Prey Collective. Nick is a grizzeled veteran while Judy is a new recruit who meets him during a truce. (I made myself sad writing this) Sort of/very light Wildehopps (of course I write Wildehopps) Enjoy 🙂

World War Zoo
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Additional Tags: Each small candle lights a corner of the dark

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