Story: Broken Clockwork

Art by 稀眞

[Rating Mature][Crime][Romance]

Some mammals have a brother from another mother, and in this fic Nick certainly has an intriguing one, the two sharing a battle hardened bond and a colourful past. This fic balances fluff and family drama, with darker motives behind the scenes and the building threat of danger spilling out onto the open streets. With some intriguing new OC’s, well thought out relationships, and some slick action, this fic is certainly worth a look. ~OH_Shoot

Author: LastEdge

Description :
Friends from the past. Friends of the present. Enemies in the future. Officers Wilde and Hopps both broke the boundary by being the first cop of their kind and are now working as partners. But many new faces are arriving in Zootopia to disrupt the fragile balance. Because Zootopia never ran smoothly, it was always more like… broken clockwork. [M for the future] Feedback welcome 🙂

Broken Clockwork
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