Art of the Day # 538: Welcome Back ASKalin

Nick Draws Judy by @askalin097
Source [1]

Hello again Zootopia fans, and welcome to our first themed collection since the resumption of the Art of the Day series.

Today we hail the return of one of our favorite Zootopia fan-artists, the one and only Andrej S. Kalin, who’s been away for the past year performing his military service. As of yesterday, 10/20/2021, he completed his tour, and he’s back with the fandom once more.

Truth be told, ASKalin was never really away. Although unable to interact, he continued to post fanart during his time of service. Many of the pictures on display in today’s gallery were created by him during his time in the service..

For those unfamiliar with his artwork, one of his specialties is drawing cars.  Many of his pieces include a vehicle of one sort or another. He’s also a master at producing trompe l’oiel artwork, two dimensional pieces that you’d swear were 3-D pics if you didn’t know better. (See this week’s Featured Image.) And while his favorite medium is colored pencil, towards the beginning of his hiatus, he began to experiment with digital artwork. Now that he’s back we hope to see him pick up on that where he left off.

And now, without further ado let’s get to the artwork. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show ASKalin some love by clicking on the source-links. And if you should happen to cross paths with him online, don’t forget to tell him, ‘welcome home.’


We open, as always, with a gallery of artwork dedicated to our favorite bunny-cop.

Shutterbunny by @askalin097
Source [2]

Look Me in the Eye by @askalin097
Source [3]

ASKalin has always been noted for doing different takes on the same image.  Here we have two, nearly identical pics of Judy, shown in sequence.  The first one puts her in a lighted room, while second one depicts her with the lights out.  Note the time on the bedside clock in each artwork.

Tucking Her In by @askalin097
Source [4]

Good Night Judy by @askalin097
Source [5]

And here we have three of Judy with an iPhone

Music Straightens the Soul by @askalin097
Source [6]

Text For Judy by @askalin097
Source [7]

Judy’s iPhone by @askalin097
Source [8]

Just a series of Judy portraits.

Judy in the city

Judy Surprised by @askalin097
Source [9]

…And down the farm.

Drawing Judy by @askalin097
Source [10]

Take a look at that mask I don’t know, but it looks more like a fox’s face than a bunny’s to me.  Makes me wonder if Nick isn’t hanging around somewhere, sporting a mask with a rabbit-type design.

Venetian Mask by @askalin097
Source [11]

Keep an eye on that butterfly; it shows up again in another pic.

Judy Butterfly by @askalin097
Source [12]

Wide-Eyed Judy by @askalin097
Source [13]

It’s amazing what you can do with colored pencils.

What I Wanted by @askalin097
Source [14]

Little Judy plays bunny-cop.  Note the home-made ‘police-radio’ at far left.

RC Police Cruiser by @askalin097
Source [15]

And now, let’s move on to some images of Nick.  We begin with one of ASKalin’s brilliant faux-3D pics; a WIP sketch, followed by the finished artwork.

3D Nick sketch by @askalin097
Source [16]

3D Nick by @askalin097
Source [17]

Would you buy a used Pawpsicle from this fox?

Nick Face by @askalin097
Source [18]

Nick Plays Soccer by @askalin097
Source [19]

As Good As A Wink by @askalin097
Source [20]

We had one of Little Judy, now here’s an image of Little Nick  (and there’s that butterfly again.)

Lil’ Nick by @askalin097
Source [21]

He wants a tummy rub

Adorable Nick by @askalin097
Source [22]

And now, a gallery featuring some of ASKalin’s Wildehopps artwork.

Hearts and a Ring by @askalin097
Source [23]

Yet another take on the ‘Goodnight’ pics featured above.

When You Take Care of Someone by @askalin097
Source [24]

I just love the expression on Nick’s face here.

Together by @askalin097
Source [25]

This is MY Fox by @askalin097
Source [26]

All right fox, what are you thinking?

Police Report by @askalin097
Source [27]

Snogging by @askalin097
Source [28]

And Who To Scratch Behind The Ears? by @askalin097
Source [29]


Boop! by @askalin097
Source [30]

Next up, a series of Nick and Judy action pics; images that showcase ASKalin’s skill at drawing vehicles.

This particular pic takes me back to when I lived in Southern California; I’m guessing that this scene is going down in Sahara Square.

Detained by @askalin097
Source [31]

Here again, we have two different takes on the same image–and they go to show that ASKalin knows a thing or two about how to create a dramatic artwork.  Judging by the expression on Judy’s face, I’d say that whatever happened here did not end well.

Into the Lights – 2 by @askalin097
Source [32]

Into the Lights – 1 by @askalin097
Source [33]

Nick and Judy with ASKalin’s OC

Something Else From My Archive by @askalin097
Source [34]

I’ve had several artists tell me that it’s very difficult to show Nick and Judy kissing and get it right; the different size and shape of their face tends to get in the way.  As you can see from this one, ASKalin managed to pull it off in style.  This particular pic is actually a detail from the two shown below.

Up On The Roof 1 by @askalin097
Source [35]

Here again, ASKalin gives us an alternate take on the same image.  Only this time with a slight variation.  While the first pic is rendered in colored pencil, the second was created digitally.

And in both cases, they’re magnificent pieces of work.  Note the reflection of the police cruiser against the pavement in the upper pic–and the broken pavement in the one below.

Up On The Roof 2 by @askalin097
Source [35]

Up On The Roof – Digital Version by @askalin097
Source [36]

Moving right along, here are three of ASKalin’s pics featuring Jack Savage and Skye

Judy and Jack by @askalin097
Source [37]

And where Jack goes, his vixen follows

Skye at Work by @askalin097
Source [38]

And here they are together. This pic just blew me away.  There’s a scene almost exactly like it in the the new James Bond flick, ‘No Time To Die’.

Undercover by @askalin097
Source [39]

Another great one.  Even though he’s younger and whole lot slimmer here, there’s no mistaking the identity of the cheetah in this pic; who else but Benjamin Clawhauser?  And check out details on his police cruiser.

Rookie Clawhauser by @askalin097
Source [40]

It’s all fun and games until Bogo finds out that Nick stiffed him with the bar-tab.

Prost! by @askalin097
Source [41]

And finally…

Welcome Home, Andrej S. Kalin.

I’m so Proud of You. by @askalin097
Source [41]

Until next time…


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