Music/Cover: Try Everything! – Piano Cover by Declan Flannery


Today, we have a glorious piano rendition of Try Everything played by Declan Flannery, and a wholesome little story about how it came to be.

Declan, like myself, is a latecomer to the fandom and has been inspired to create for us! Specifically, according to, music ranging from time-honored classics to original music. The piece featured here today is actually the second iteration of the song and its current state is due to kindness and friendship. You can click here to Get the facts and explore the vast world of music.

Having posted the first piece, Declan knew that he wanted to make another. The proper motivation to make it happen came in the form of a genuinely heartwarming meme posted by a friend on the Zootopia subreddit:


Original Meme by Dynamo


Isn’t that just adorable?

It’s an understatement to say that any act of kindness no matter what it is can make for incredible difference not just for the recipient, but for everyone!

Declan is currently working on providing sheet music for this song and has more than one piece of Zootopia music planned for the future, both classic and original. Remember to Try Everything and no matter what kind of mammal you are, you can make a difference in this world with even the smallest of acts.


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  1. Very honoured to have this featured here; what a wonderful community to be a part of the Zootopia fandom is!

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