Art of the Day #532

BEASTOPIA~ by @ZetsuenTAl
Source [1]

And hello again, fellow fans of Zootopia!

Our opening images for this week’s collection are a pair of Zootopia/Beastars crossover pics; Nick and Judy channeling Legoshi and Haru, followed by Haru and Legoshi channeling Judy and Nick.

And there are plenty more amazing crossover pics on tap for today.  We’ve got mashups with Street Fighter, Uncharted, and Judge Dredd…plus many other great pieces of Zootopia fanart. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

BEASTOPIA~ by @ZetsuenTAl
Source [2]

Nickpack by @oibib_gs
Source [3]

Restless Bunny by @nklove3104
Source [4]

What Are You Up To? by @adumbbobkitty
Source [5]

Nick and Judy Caricature by @yama18imo
Source [6]

Judy ofc by bubblecop
Source [7]

Nick Studies by nikoyishi
Source [8]

Nick Wilde in a rainy day by HolySketches
Source [9]

Windy walk by bubblecop
Source [10]

tv by bubblecop
Source [11]

Benjamin Clawhauser by Svidjay
Source [12]

WILDEHOPPS FOREVER!!! by bubblecop
Source [13]

Push It by Akiric
Source [14]

Gymtopia undercover by Gettar82
Source [15]

Uncharted and Zootopia mashup! by Coughee_Aholic
Source [16]

Chat by thingirl
Source [17]

Judy cosplaying Chun-li by TeamFurcast
Source [18]

Judge Judy by nauyaco
Source [19]

Judy Hopps by Rotarr
Source [20]

Zootopia by 唯一無二のてつし
Source [21]

ZPA by bubblecop
Source [22]

Zootopia by 唯一無二のてつし
Source [23]

Nick Wilde by The-BlackToteM
Source [24]


  1. Awesome!! I’m so happy now that Art of the Day is back!!

    I said this on the last Art of the Day, I’m not trying to be rude by asking this again, but do you allow images from Instagram for Art of the Day??

    • Sorry, but unfortunately, we can’t. We can only post pics from sources that are open to all comers…and Instagram pics are viewable only to those people who have an account with them.

      • Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll keep a eye out for different places to post art on!!

        Thank you again!!

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