Comic: Broken (By TheGorySaint)


Hello fellow Zootopian fans, time for another content update! This time, we have the pleasure of showing off Broken, a lovely little comic piece from TheGorySaint.

When Nick’s carelessness lands him in a difficult spot, Judy’s quick to take advantage and have him take care of some rather… awkward business in her stead. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Judy would be so great at guilt-tripping, she is quite the sly bunny after all. Besides, how could you say no to such an adorable face?

If you know TheGorySaint, then I shouldn’t have to tell you how good the art is. Plus, it’s just a fun little read all around and definitely worth taking a quick look or several. Be sure to check the whole thing out down below or over on Twitter and witness the power of bunny guilt-tripping for yourself.


  1. Nick seriously needs to get over it.
    I’ve bought feminine products, birth control dozens of times

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