Merch: Upcoming Zootopia Themed Ladies Line Apparel From Gu-Global!


Ladies, come one come all! I have some exciting news to share with you regarding some new Zootopia threads made just for you. Gu-Global has recently released quite a few variants of Zootopia themed clothing. It ranges from some pretty snazzy t-shirts to a pawful of purses and other accessories.


Sadly, you can’t purchase them online at this time, but here’s to hoping that’ll change. You can check out the selection at the link here or down below. However, anyone interested will have to find someone in Japan to purchase them or use a third-party purchasing service. Regardless, give the site and look and see the selection for yourself. Maybe let us know what you think of the choices and if you’d like an online or international release. Til’ next time, cheers!