Special Art of the Day: The Qalcove World Tour

Qalcove Japan by RelaxableFur
Source [1]

Hello again everyone.

If we may, we’re going to step away from our usual Thursday Art of the Day for something a little different.  Earlier this week a group of our favorite Zootopia fanartists put together a collection in honor of one of our very favorite artists–a person we’ve mention before, the one and only Qalcove.

As the name ‘Qalcove World Tour’ suggests these pics show her OC/Fursona in various locations all over the world — mostly engaged in one of her favorite pastimes, surfing. (We’ve included a couple of stories as well.)

We won’t be posting any commentary with these pieces.  The artist themselves said it much, much better than we ever could. (You can read their comments by clicking on the source links.)

Cue the music, boys.  Everyone else…enjoy.


Puerto Vallarta by @TheGorySaint
Source [2]

Saint Raphael, France by @Ziegelzeig
Source [3]

Santa Cruz by @SamurShalem
Source [4]

Railay, Thailand by @RaspberriesWH
Source [5]

Kujukuri Beach by @judyhopps44
Source [6]

Incheydoney by @Racczi11a
Source [7]

Andalucia, Spain by @askalin097
Source [8]

Rio De Janeiro by @NamiViArt
Source [9]

Puerto Princesa by @RedInkCoffee
Source [10]

Acapulco by @PDimlight
Source [11]

Amalfi, Italy by @DantesLunte
Source [12]

Veracruz, MX by @Arzmx_Art
Source [13]

Sussex, UK by @s1msy_sfw
Source [14]

Tofino Canada by @6vulpes
Source [15]

Salvador, Br. by @LandsecArt
Source [16]

Sant’Agostino, It. by @fu3wu3li2letail
Source [17]

Port Borden, Ca. by @TonakumaArt
Source [18]

Miramar, Argentina by @WhirloctR42
Source [19]

Cornwall, UK by @TheBigGeeWhizz
Source [20]

Oregon Coast by @AkeCheta
Source [21]

Nazare, Portugal by @FoxxJeh
Source [22]

Oaxaca, MX. by @SummerBun2112
Source [23]

Cozumel, MX by @Victorique061
Source [24]

Pernambuco, Br. by @Eduarda1Pereira
Source [25]

El Matador, USA by @EdisonFoxArt
Source [26]

Dolphins Beach, South Africa by @Spectra982
Source [27]

La Digue Island, Seychelles by @KoraruSan
Source [28]

Carragua Br. by @ezequie04076260
Source [29]

Mayorca, Spain by @ZootopianLovers
Source [30]

Anywhere by @23Florenze
Source [31]

Siriago Island, Philipinnes by @IamaDemonHunter
Source [32]

Severn Bore, UK by @giftheck (for OHShoot)
Source [33]

Playa Delines, MX by @link6432
Source [34]

Holywell Bay, UK by @giftheck
Source [35]

Cartagena De Indias, Colombia by @juantriforce
Source [36]

Beantown by @ZNN_Andy
Source [37]

Coronado Beach, USA by @aaronjay_askal
Source [38]

Coron Island by @afruitvegetable
Source [39]

Chincoteague, USA by @CasVoiceActs
Source [40]

Borocay Beach by @DaVidci_CodeX
Source [41]

Tioman Island, Malaysia by @JolynLry_0710
Source [42]

Seferihisar, Turkey by @EK290698
Source [43]


Boston, MA by @AlexBoehm55144
Source [44]

The Gorge 01 by @MercMarten
Source [45]

And Finally…a couple of robotic tribute pics…and be sure to check out Tornado’s video appreciation of Qalcove too.

Robosurfer by @Wolf47Alone
Source [46]

Another World by @Tornado_Maniac
Source [47]

Last but not least, a personal note.  

Although none of the Images presented  here are from the Zootopia movie, there is very much a connection.  Qalcove is an awesome Zootopia fanartist and simply a great person.  She has many, many friends in Zootopia Fan community; they love her, and she loves them…and with good reason.  She’s always quick to offer praises for a fellow artist’s work, endlessly retweeting any images she particularly admires.

But at the end of the day, Qal just plain loves to draw.  She’s the kind of artist who Tweets, “I don’t know if I can do this,” and then goes out and produces something amazing.  It was through encountering her that I first became aware of something — the amazing level of support people have for one another within the Zootopia fan community.  Not just the artists, but everybody; always there for each other.

And that, in my opinion, is something more precious than even the most exquisite piece of Zootopia-themed artwork, (or any artwork at all.)

Bless you Qalcove…we, at ZNN, wish you success in all your future endeavors.


  1. Totally awesome idea for an AOTD! The connections and camaraderie within this fan community is why I’m glad I found it.

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