Art of the Day #481: Foodie Zootopia

Gâteau Zootopia by @ydk_dny
Source [1]

Greeting, connoisseurs of all things Zootopian.

When you think about it, food played quite the pivotal role in the movie. For instance, the first time Judy met Nick was in Jerry Jumbeaux’s ice cream parlor, (where she ‘persuaded’ the proprietor into selling the fox a Jumbo Pop.)  Before that, there was her first encounter with Benjamin Clawhauser, he of the doughnuts and Lucky Chomps. Later in the film when our favorite bunny-cop met up with Gideon Grey again, he turned out to be the proprietor of a baked goods business. And leave us not forget the great blueberry bait-and-switch in Zootopia’s climactic scene.

With that in mind, we’re dedicating this week’s Art of the Day collection to noms, noshes, and num-nums in all their various forms. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with a gallery of Judy-Foodie pics.

(She’s a cereal killer, get it?)

A Breakfast For Buns by blazera-arts
Source [2]

♪ “Shove it their faces,
Give ‘me what they want,
Gotta make it fast,
It’s a Fast Food restaurant.” ♫

take_a_rest by Miles-DF
Source [3]

Gideon Grey has pies,
Judy has carrot cookies.

Carrot Cookies by NekoArt
Source [4]

Relax, it’s Impawssible Meat

Judy Part 1 by Seatbelt-DA
Source [5]

Judy likes her ramen.

Comfy bunny eats ramen and listens to Death Grips. by humantrashmachine
Source [6]

And so does Nick.

And with that we segue into a couple of foodie pics, spotlighting our favorite fox.

Nick with Noodles by @Piberius_w
Source [7]

Knowing this fox, you’re probably better off not knowing what under that lid.

Chef Nick by @Piberius_w
Source [8]

Now, what say we get into some foodie-type artwork of Nick and Judy together?

Here’s another Ramen pic.

Noodles and Blueberries by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [9]

If we’re going to talk food and Zootopia, we can’t avoid bringing up doughnuts.

ふたり! by ykb
Source [10]

You, and me, and a pizza makes three.

Pizza by mshkaa
Source [11]

Of course, before you can eat, (or even cook,) you need to go shopping for groceries first.

Groceries by pencilbrony
Source [12]

I wonder how they talked Jerry Jumbeaux into this one.

What Can I Say? by @nklove3104
Source [13]

Anyone that’s ever dropped frozen potatoes into a pan of hot oil can appreciate this one.

Tatties by @mepo_disney
Source [14]

Looks like Nick didn’t get the memo; real foxes do like carrots.

Nick watches Judy enjoy pizza by InkMercenary
Source [15]

And for dessert, WildeHopps blueberry carrot-cake surprise.

Mirror Cake by Weketa
Source [16]

Three pics of Nick and Judy dining al fresco.

Box Lunch by ulako
Source [17]

Pic-Nick by link6432
Source [18]

Bridge Lunch by しろみや
Source [19]

Actually, Gideon baked it; (don’t tell Judy.)

Anniversary Cake by @atak_Ola
Source [20]

Any second now, they’ll get an emergency radio-call, (the life of a police officer.)

Lunch time by @strawberry628
Source [21]

It’s all fun and games until Nick finds himself locked out of the honeymoon suit…naked!

comic155 by unknownlifeform
Source [22]

We wrap things up with a series of foodie images dedicated to some of the rest of the Zootopia gang.

Now you know where she gets those hips that don’t lie.

Candygram for Gazelle by @mukushibaztp
Source [23]

What?  Since when don’t cats like seafood?

Eats shrimp by chirenbo
Source [24]

“That’s weird, I can hear it, but I don’t FEEL any gas.”

Summer 2017 by Frava8
Source [25]

Yep, he likes his noodles, too.

“Benjamin Clawhauser / Po” by taigressmix
Source [26]

Some lunches just seem…to…last…for…ever.

My Dinner With Flash by @yasiplay
Source [27]

No dessert for you. Yeronner, until you finish your broccoli, .

Mayor Lionheart Not Like veggies by Max350z
Source [28]

Concept art for Chez Cheez, a Little Rodentia eatery that didn’t make it into the final script.
(We hope to see this place in the sequel.)

Chez Cheese by @byronphoward
Source [29]

And finally…Judy arrives for lunch with some of her BFFs

Lunch With the Gals by Carrot
Source [30]

Until next time…