Art of the Day #482: My Favorite Things

Nick in Happytown by Mattias Lecnher
Source [1]

Hello again, everyone.

For this week’s Art of the Day collection — and as a birthday present to myself — I’m offering some of my own favorite Zootopia fanart pics.  (Thanks to Julius for making the suggestion.)

The reasons that these pieces caught my fancy are many and varied.  Several of them drew me through their incredible amount of detail.  Others had a story to tell, (I have always loved that kind of artwork,) while still others attracted me by way of their stunning imagery.  Some of these images elicited an emotional response, either tugging at my heartstrings or tickling my funnybone.  One or two of them even served to inspire me in my efforts at Zootopia fanfic writing. Quite a number of my favorites, (such as today’s featured image,) checked off several of these categories at once.

Then there are the Zootopia fanart pics I just plain like…for reasons even I can’t explain. ( Don’t we all have favorites like that?)

And so, here they are.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.  (Fair warning, being as these images are favorites, nearly all of them have already been featured.)


iPoke was one of the first Zootopia fan-artists whose work I came to admire.

This piece is what I like to call a ‘second glance’ pic; artwork containing little details that I didn’t notice the first time around.  In this case, they were the reaction of the ZPD crew in the background and the object Nick is holding behind his back.  (I also like this pic because it’s one of the few takes on this subject that shows Nick Wilde in character; this is the fox we know from the movie.)

Partner by iPoke
Source [2]

The first IPoke pic I ever encountered; the one that made me fall in love with his work.  (I always imagined this tune as the song playing in the background.)

… +1 by iPoke
Source [3]

King Gidora is another of my favorite Zootopia fanartists; his attention to detail is nothing short of breathtaking.

Rainforest District Night by Gidora by @Nick_Wilde_RP
Source [4]

…to say nothing of his remarkable use of light and shadow.  Check the sunbeams, filtering through the window-blinds and the lens-flare, reflecting off Nick’s badge.

Beginning of the Dream by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [5]

And speaking of attention to detail, take a look at this one by Dante Lunte, one of my favorite newcomers to the Zootopia fanart community.

In this ‘second-glance’ pic, Dante manages to combine an amazing amount of detail with some hilariously subtle humor.  (No spoilers, but if you study this image closely, you’ll discover WHO it was that gave Nick this assignment–and that it wasn’t given to him as a reward.)

Annoyed Nick by @DantesLunte
Source [6]

Samur Shalem is another one of my favorite newcomers to the Zootopia fandom, a great writer as wall as a talented artist.  As this piece illustrates, he consistently manages to get Nick’s body proportions right; short legs and a long torso.

In case you’re wondering WHY Nick is looking so grumpy here, note the relative sizes of his and Judy’s backpacks.  You’d be grouchy too, if you went hiking with your GF and she made you do all the heavy lifting.

Camping Trip by SamurShalem
Source [7]

Awwww, you knew I was gonna include some Qalcove pics.  (She’s another artist who always gets Nick right.)

I was privileged to attend the livestream where Qal created this piece, and was even able to offer a suggestion.  (Nick’s net, bending under the weight of his catch.)

Happy Easter From Tokyo Disneyland by @QalcoveArt
Source [8]

Never have I seen a more priceless expression on Judy Hopps’s face than in this one.

Spicing Things Up! by Qalcove
Source [9]

Yeah yeah…we’ve featured this one only about zillion times already.  I don’t care; I love it; you can almost feel the spray of the ocean on your face and hear the roar of the surf in your ears.

Joyride – Beach Bunny by Qalcove
Source [10]

ASKalin is another of my favorite Zootopia fanartists–and he’s never better that when he’s creating one of his amazing 3-d trompe l’oeil pics.

What’s going on? by AndrejSKalin
Source [11]

This has to be one of the most innovative pieces of Zootopia fanart I’ve ever seen.

Judy Hopps artwork by AndrejSKalin
Source [12]

When comes to putting a Zootopia character in an outdoor setting, NOBODY beat Latex.  His landscape-with-character pics will give you the chills, they’re so beautiful.

Zootopia 11 Fatigue by latex
Source [13]

Zootopia 13 Fear by latex
Source [14]

Relaxable is another of my favorite artists.  She’s been around the Zootopia fandom for some time now, but has lately been ramping up her output in a big way.

Here’s another image that makes great uses of light and shadow, plus a subtle detail or two.

Broken by RelaxableArt
Source [15]

Remember what I said in the beginning about pics that tug as your heartstrings?   This is one of them; my very favorite image of Nick Wilde and his mom.

”Look how much you’ve grown.” by RelaxableArt
Source [16]

Next up, I’d like to present a few favorite pieces of Zootopia concept art.

By Armand Serrano, I love the perspective here.

Rainforest CCTV by Armand Serrano by Armand Serrano
Source [17]

Here’s one by the man himself, Zootopia co-director Byron Howard.  I especially like this one because it makes you feel as if you’re inside the picture.

Nick is waiting by @ByronPHoward
Source [18]

Scott Watanabe drew this one.  It’s the only concept pic of Zootopia’s Canyonlands district I’ve ever come across…and it makes me want to see more of it in the sequel.

Canyonlands Highway by Scott Watanabe by Scott Watanabe
Source [19]

By Matthias Lechner, (who also did today’s Featured Image.)  How can you not like a Zootopia concept pic that pays tribute to ‘My Neighbor Totoro’?

BunnyBurrows Houses by Matthias Lechner
Source [20]

Cory Loftis’ version of the Zootopia Central Station.  I actually like this better than the one we saw in the movie.  (Note the rodent-size train in the upper right corner.)

Zootopia Central by Cory Loftis
Source [21]

Another one by Cory Loftis, only recently re-discovered; an alternate take on Mr. Big

My lil’ Frien’! by Cory Loftis
Source [22]

And now, back to the Fanart.

Yeah, I know…mentioning Borba in certain quarters of the fandom is like showing up at a Sturgis Rally up on a Suzuki

The heck with that; when he’s at the top of his game, he’s awesome…never more so than with this image, the best Wildehopps wedding-pic, EVER!

I Want To Dream of You Foreve-10 by borba
Source [23]

And that brings us to two of my favorite Zootopia X-over pics.

Borba just nailed the artwork on this one.

Ricktopia Rick and Morty by borba
Source [24]

Brilliant, simply brilliant…that’s all I can say about this piece.; the fox abides.

No Police Work During League Play by DrFaceArt
Source [25]

About a year and a half ago, a newly-joined member of the ZNN staff, turned me on to some pics I didn’t even know existed; Zootopia fanart by various artists out of China.  The piece below is my favorite of these.

Mandarin Nick and Judy by 政58
Source [26]

If I had to pick my favorite Art of the Day collection, I’d probably have to go with Steampunk Zootopia.  I had a ball working on that one, and some of the artwork was simply awesome.

Steamtopia by DOL2006
Source [27]

Here are two more pics from that same collection, by another of my favorite artists, Monoflax. (Big thanks to Steam-Powered Fox directing me to these beauties.)

zoohaven3_2 by monoflax
Source [28]

zoohaven2 by monoflax
Source [29]

My favorite pic of Gazelle

I Heart Gazelle by Bro.You-yanゆうやん
Source [30]

The first time I saw this, I could have sworn it was a copy and paste from one of the Zootopia Younger Readers Graphic Novels…but no, it’s completely original.

Li’l Nick and Judy by AAR0NJAY
Source [31]

This pic just never fails to take my breath away.  Every time I see, I hear this tune playing in my head.

Just space by foxnickwylde
Source [32]

When I first saw these next three pics, I was so impressed, I started following the artist on Twitter.  (I especially like the one of Nick as a Hanna-Barbera character.)

Rubberhose Nick by @HenriekeDraws
Source [33]

Golden Age Nick by @HenriekeDraws
Source [34]

Hanna Barbera Nick by @HenriekeDraws
Source [35]

This one served as the inspiration for a scene in my Zootopia fanfic, The Fire Triangle

Car wash fun by foxefuel
Source [36]

So did this one; (Judy was NOT pleased.)  Concept Art by Jim Martin

And that brings me to some of my favorite examples of funny Zootopia fanart.

Bop-a-Bunny Game by Jim Martin
Source [37]

Look closely at that mirror and that wallpaper; do they seem just a wee bit familiar?

Unforeseen Encounter by Ziegelzeig
Source [38]

The first time I saw this one, I almost laughed myself right out of my chair.

Every Tree Needs a Friend by @aureldrawsstuff
Source [39]

Any time a new Zootopia pic by a Disney artist hits the web, it immediately becomes our next featured image.  This one, by Joaquin Baldwin, was the prize in a charity auction.
Got a little bit of a Blade Runner vibe to it, don’tcha think?

Midnight Blues by @joabaldwin
Source [40]

The next two images are not, repeat NOT representations of Zootopia.  To my knowledge the artist who created them, Don Coyote, has never drawn a Zootopia fan-pic in his life.
But after seeing his work, I sure as heck wish he would.

Bright Lights, Big City by DonCoyote
Source [41]

Neon Savannah Train Station by DonCoyote
Source [42]

And finally…If I may…a pic I commissioned of Conor Lewis, my main OC from The Fire Triangle fanfic. 

ConorGuitar2 by MercMarten
Source [43]

Until next time…hope you enjoyed.


  1. In the Happytown picture, it’s ironic that Nick’s father was in the menswear business, yet Nick himself dresses like a dink.

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