Zinktober (By: ZNN)

Good afternoon Zootopians! We here at ZNN are proud to announce ZNN’s take on the annual Inktober challenge. As you can see the prompts have changed from the official ones, but we feel these are better fitting within our own fandom.  We are looking forward to seeing your submissions. Please remember to keep them both clean and Zootopia themed!

Just in case you can’t read the rules; here they are. In order to participate please use the tags #Zinktober or #Zinktober2020. There is no need to @Zootopia_News as we will search for the tag using Twitter’s function. You can submit either digital or traditional art. The challenge starts officially on October 1st, so be sure not to miss out! If there are any questions or comments, let us know below.

Thank you to those at the ZNN staff for contributing this idea including; Lucario389, Raphael Luck, Merc_Marten, Dangeresque, DarkFlameWolf, Quirky-middle-child, Andy Lagopus, Vol Foxxo, Fonzi, Briam516, and Pinkstar_DJLily

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