Official Zootopia Time Lapse Rendering

In case it wasn’t obvious just how much effort was put into Zootopia, this breakdown should help clear things up. Disney Animation’s Twitter account recently released a time lapse rendering of a frame from the scene where Judy first meets […]


Art of the Day #341

Waiting for Zootopia by @takatmadisney Source [1] As the Disney Imagineers continue their work on Shanghai Disneyland’s upcoming Zootopia attraction, the powers that be have found it necessary to hire some extra security. (Fortunately. they found the perfect individuals for the […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: June 5, 2019

Source Back to story updates we go! We’ve got four for you this Wednesday, including our latest-featured story, Uncharted: A Fox’s Legacy, which just so happened to reveal its seventh chapter on the day we featured it! See something missing […]


ZMV: home. (by wuhaii)

Today, we have a video over on YouTube from creator wuhaii! It’s a ZMV focusing on Nick and Judy’s fight and reconciliation after the press conference set to the song “Home” by Daughter. It’s got a neat sepia-tone filter to […]


Story: Uncharted: A Fox’s Legacy

Source [Action][Adventure][AU][Crossover][Incomplete][T-13] By: Dangeresque_On_Ice Uncharted: A Fox’s Legacy kicks off with Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps careening through the jungle in a jeep that’s toeing the line of insubordinate, and while the action may not be as frenetic throughout as […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: June 1, 2019

Source Let’s ring in June with a pair of story updates to get you through the weekend, including Zanrok’s Old Arrangements and Alps_Sarsis’ Guardian Blue: Season 3! Don’t see something that updated here? Shoot us an email at [email protected], thank […]