11 Million Pageviews – ZNN Needs Your Help!

Hello, everyone!  It’s been quite some time since our last pageview milestone post.  Almost 2 years, actually.  This was originally meant to celebrate the 5 million pageviews, but then the meme happened and we just shot past it, and we wanted to do something really special for 10 million.  Then we moved to WordPress and the pageview counter got messed up a few times, but we have finally set it to match what Google Analytics says our total pageview count is (over 11 million!).

It took a good several months for the giant picture you see to be completed (HUGE thanks to Quirky-Middle-Child and FeverWildeHopps for this absolutely incredible piece of art!!!) so basically we just decided to hold off on celebrating until it was ready.

This is an amazing achievement.  Three years on, and the fandom is still going strong.  I am so, so proud and thankful for all of you, and your support.  Especially now, since we need your support more than ever.

…Which brings me to the second reason for this article.

As of the time of writing this article, ZNN has $6.40 in the company account.  As much as I hate to admit it… we’re broke.

This is not anyone’s fault, it’s simply a result of the support we get from Patreon declining and the expenses of running this site increasing.  I’m willing to front my own money to keep it up for a while longer (I’m going down with this ship, dangit!) but that’s not sustainable in the long term.

If you would like us to continue sharing daily content, as well as being able to do more original content, then we will need your help.

To that end, we have completely revamped our Patreon to include new goals, tiers, and rewards for those who donate.


$1 – Dukes of Bootleg: You get our thanks!

$3 – Pawpsicle Hustlers: You get our thanks AND your name on the sidebar under “Our Amazing Patrons”!

$5 – Yackety Yax: You get our thanks, your name on the sidebar, and a unique Patron role on the ZNN Community Discord, with access to a patron-exclusive channel!

$10 – Donut-Loving-Cops: You get our thanks, your name on the sidebar, the community server role, and the ability to vote on what special article we will produce that month!

$15 – Slick Nicks: You get our thanks, your name on the sidebar, the community server role, the ability to vote on special articles, and the ability to recommend fanfics for us to review on our weekly podcasts (should we reach that goal)!


$150 – The minimum amount we need to keep ZNN up and running!

$200 – We will add a merchandise page to ZNN, where you can find all the links to official Zootopia merchandise!

$250 – We will host weekly podcasts where we discuss recent happenings in the fandom, any news that might be relevant, and discuss a fanfic we have been reading. They will be released as Patreon exclusives on Saturdays and then made available for the public the following Mondays.

$300 – We will hold seasonal art contests, with the winners being awarded any piece of Zootopia merchandise, official or otherwise.

$500 – We will find a way to open up the ZNN merch page to allow for fan-made Zootopia merchandise, where you can sell your creations! (More expensive because we’d probably need to get a lawyer to help us work out the details)

$1000 – If we somehow achieve this incredible, insane goal, we will begin production of original Zootopia-themed short animations on YouTube!


For every goal we reach, Ziegelzeig has offered a free commission for one patron, chosen at random!  If you want some incredible art from one of the most prolific artists in the fandom, now’s your chance!

Click the Patreon logo above to become a patron if you wish!   If your would rather donate once, instead of a monthly subscription, that would also be greatly appreciated.  Follow this button to contribute to our PayPal directly.


Thank you in advance for your support.  I am filled with nothing but gratitude for this fandom, and we wouldn’t be making this plea if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.  With your help, we can keep ZNN running until we finally learn if Disney is going to do anything to explore Zootopia further.  Thank you all, so, so much.

And now, on a lighter note, huge thank you to the whole ZNN team!  We featured all of them in this newest milestone marker, so take a look below to see who’s who!

1- PinkStar_DJLily   2- Calidian   3- Eng050599   4- Pascal (Gfcwfzkm)   5- YFWE   6- WhatABummer   7- Halo
8- Pudong   9- MegaTred   10- Ziegelzeig   11- Kulkum   12- Frisci   13- Anthony Hanssens
14- Gabriel (TheNightManager)   15- Surrika Tunnah   16- Upplet   17- Ryotaro   18- Kevin (KeyToTruth12)
19- Asdamk   20- SmashGenesis   21- AJ   22- Nate (Briam516)   23- WildeCard   24- Berserker88
25- Markoatonc   26- SteamPoweredFox   27- FeverWildeHopps   28- AgentExeider
29- Cimar of Turalis/WildeHopps   30- BlueBerryCarrots (not the be confused with TheBlueBerryCarrots)
31- Mordecai   32- Scootakip 33- Lucario389   34- GorganCoffee   35- TheFonz46   36- Danny Grey
37- TheWyvernsWeaver   38- Raphael Luck   39- Sendrax   40- Shadow9692   41- Merc_Marten
42- Quirky-Middle-Child   43- Forgotten Fox   44-DrummerMax64   45- DarkFlameWolf   46- Andy Lagopus


  1. Sorry I can´t give you more than 3$, still Im not on mi feet. :/ hope to see more from you, from all of you.
    best of wishes

  2. the one time donation button seems to be broken. I was going to directly pay pal you but the link keeps making me resign into pay pal and I can’t find you on there without a link

  3. Congrats on the milestone! If I can get just a little more funding in soon I might be able to add ZNN onto my Patron donations.
    Also, always love to see the ‘sonas and their antics, great work on the art piece!

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