Savage Company Animated – Prologue Teaser (by Yitexity)

This is going to be amazing! From the teaser itself, we can definitely see how much effort Yitexity and his team made to make this possible! And heck, I thought the animated panels of the comic was impressive! I honestly can’t wait to watch the series when it comes out!

Yitexity, the famous creator of one of the fandom’s most popular comics “Savage Company,” has recently released a teaser trailer of an animated version of the comic. Shown from the teaser itself, the animation covers the first four pages of the original comic, but seeing how amazing the animation is, it definitely seems like Yitexity, along with billybobbaggybottom, is going to make this an animation that the community will definitely enjoy.

If you haven’t seen the original comic yet, you can check it out right here! (Rated M-16, kids.)

Check out the teaser right after the break.


  1. Found it on DA first, waiting for the rest now…the amount of work this has to be is commendable.

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