Art of the Day #305: Zootopia X Kingdom Hearts


KH III: Judy Hopps Summon by StatX015
Source [1]

The release of Kingdom Hearts 3 is almost upon us, and a whole bunch of us Disney and K-H fans are climbing on board the hype train for the release. (Jan. 29, initial release was the 25th)

Unfortunately for us Zootopia fans, we don’t get Nick and Judy in this version of the game.  But even so, the Zootopian fan-community has shown an amazing level of support of the Kingdom hearts series through their artistic talents!

And so today we present a collection of Zootopai meets Kingdom Hearts fanart. Behold the sight of Nick and Judy, fighting along side Sora and the crew, Lionheart becoming the infamous villian Xehanort; and seeing our dynamic duo engulfed in the darkness.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to give the original artists some hearts, by clicking the links!

Get your art after the break!

Before we proceed, a big shout-out to ZNN Staff member Blueberrycarrots for writing the intro for this collection.  Thanks a zillion.

And now, on with the artwork!

stack by XiamTheFerret
Source [2]

Ambush at the Asylum by furrafreak
Source [3]

Dive to the heart – Judy by color-arcano
Source [4]

Kingdom Hearts X Zootopia by Animedude971
Source [5]

Nick Wilde: Kingdom Hearts Style by Demon Angel 1200
Source [6]

Popsicle Hustler by artsyury
Source [7]

Salute by momoppi
Source [8]

Judy as Aqua by ookamiden
Source [9]

Inktober 2017 by strayjay
Source [10]

Zootopia by Blackblader
Source [11]

Bogo as Master Eraqus by Ookamiden
Source [12]

Finnick as Ventus by Ookamiden
Source [13]

Gonna Stop a Howl by Kingdom Blade
Source [14]

Kingdom Hearts Judy. by x-usagi-bomb-x
Source [15]

Lionheart as Xehanort by Ookamiden
Source [16]

The Nobody by @Darkzerojack
Source [17]

Cheese! by kingdom blade
Source [18]

KH X Zootopia by missashleyng
Source [19]

Bench by 犬神_徹夜
Source [20]

Sanders Crosover by Thomas Sanders
Source [21]

Think of something by ktrk5
Source [22]

Encounters by @_king_gidora_
Source [23]

Zootopia Was Made by Disney by aki-ta
Source [24]

5000 Follows by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [25]

Black Animal Tailing by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [26]

He is coming!!!!!! by regularzone
Source [27]

KH Zootopia by kristkc
Source [28]

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