Story: Level 9

Art: TheNightManager


Get ready for some twists and some turns. With “Level 9,” DetectiveWilde envisions Nick and Judy, now veterans of the ZPD (and married, how about that!), taking on a case that’s a bit of a head-scratcher. Why? Just when they — and you, the reader — think you’ve got the culprit pegged, “Level 9” zags when you expect it to zig — but not without providing another clue for the road. Fans of police procedurals and whodunnits should be thrilled. Rated M-16 for depictions of and aftermath of violence. ~YFWE

Description: When a killer strikes Zootopia, dedicated to a strange and perverted sense of justice, Judy and Nick are drawn into a case unlike anything they’ve seen in their many years as detectives. Inspired by older murder mystery novels, this will be a darker take on our favorite cop duo.

Level 9
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