Art of the Day #301: Foxes and More Foxes

Disney’s Foxes by @uochandayo
Source [1]

The gangs all here!

Behold, a group portrait of the Disney foxes, featuring, (clockwise from the bottom right,) Tod from the Fox and the Hound, Disney’s Robin Hood, our own esteemed Nick Wilde, B’rer Fox from Song of the South, the little Cockney Fox from Mary Poppins, Foxy Loxy from Chicken Little (The short, not that horrible feature), ‘Honest’ John Worthington Foulfellow from Pinocchio, and at the very top, Reynard Fox, the projected villain for the often green-lighted, but never produced Disney feature, Chanticleer. ( Click Here! )

Foxes have been a part of Disney animation–indeed animation in general almost ever since the advent of cartoons.   And so today we present a gallery of Zootopia Crossover artwork featuring some of the other well-known animated foxes (and one or two obscure ones.)

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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Cue the music, if you please.


We open with a series of more group pics featuring Nick Wilde, together with some of the other Disney fox characters

Disney Fox Boys Doodles by @TransformARTive
Source [2]

Disney Foxes by @uochandayo
Source [3]

Fpur of a kind by @uochandayo
Source [4]

“It wasn’t ME!”

D’ohhhh, foxes by @uochandayo
Source [5]

The Four Ronin by @uochandayo
Source [6]

Three Foxes by @uochandayo
Source [7]

Nick, Tod, Robin, and Bambi.  We’re not including any one-on-one pics of Nick and Robin in this gallery as they were already posted in their own collection.

Foxes Love Bambi by soraheartsforrme
Source [8]

Nick with Little B’rer fox. D’awwww.  Note the shape of the balloons, a nice touch.

Brother Little B’rer by @uochandayo
Source [9]

Methinks Robin is going to have an easier time of it here than Nick.

Art of Nik – 081. Foxes rulez by Nik 159
Source [10]

Here’s another one, this time with some non-Disney foxes.

Foxes RuleZ by Nik159
Source [11]

Here’s Nick with Tails and Judy

[Collab] Can you imagine… A Foxes’ World ? by ocerydia
Source [12]

And also with Tod, Fox McCloud, and Foxy, from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

My Favorite Foxers cover by Melodyclerenes
Source [13]

Nick with Foxy and Fox McCloud again

Fox Trio by XNir0X
Source [14]

With Robin and Foxy

Fox Friends Forever by bleuxwolf
Source [15]

If Clawhauser were in on this, neither one of these guys would stand a chance.

Pizza Fight by Bleuxwolf
Source [16]

It would be totally remiss of us to leave Carmelita Fox out of this collection.  Here’s two pics of her with Nick.

Kennocon 16 P7 by KennoArkkan
Source [17]

Fox Point Cover by MaveriKat
Source [18]

…and another one with Judy.

Welcome, rokie by littlepolka
Source [19]

Now we come to my second favorite Fox movie of all time, (the favorite until Zootopia hit the screen), Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I don’t know why, but this picture makes me think of the old John Candy film, Uncle Buck

Big mafia in a little city. by foxnickwylde
Source [20]

Just imagine the schemes these two could come up with together.

tumblr_o3xi89AVqM1uhnv53o1_1280 by cheshireyangxxx
Source [21]

Nick with Mr. Fox’s son, Ash

Different by Takoto
Source [22]

Here’s a rare one for ya:
Nick takes tea with Fox from the Farthingwood series

Zootopia-Farthingwood Crossover by thiscrispykat
Source [23]

Even rarer: the chap in the center is Filbert Fox, official mascot of the Leicester City football club

— The Year of Foxes? — by Pokelai
Source [24]

Lastly I couldn’t find any pics of Nick interacting with the Firefox, so here’s the next best thing

Zootopia – Nick Wilde by jungjang
Source [25]

Until next time….


  1. Fun artwork all around, but I specifically am here to comment that I approve selecting Camel’s “Fox Hill” for this article. Underrated band and great song.

  2. I’ll be pedantic because it’s in my nature. The Mary Poppins fox was not Cockney. Burt was supposed to be (cringe cringe) but the fox was so stereotypically Irish I’m amazed he was sober and didn’t mention the Pope, rosaries, or Brittania’s Huns. He even said Begorrah.

    Also, there are a lot of great fox songs. I used to have a big list in my memory. I know there are a lot of covers of “The Fox Went Out”. I like Burl Ives’ version and the Peter, Paul and Mary version. “The Fox” by Steeleye Span is very much a Nick Wilde song.

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