Comic: The Application (by TheoreticallyEva & Koraru-san)

If you have read the Fanfiction already, you’re probably already know whats happening here! But seeing this in comic form made me squeal my heart out! This comic is way to adorable to not read! Wildehopps shipper will get a kick out of this one!

Back in April of 2018, we featured the fanfiction “The Application” by TheoreticalyEva. The Fanfiction it self was very adorable having a very, very creative Wildehopps proposal, and the story ultimately became one of Gorgancm’s favorite Wildehopps one-shots, who is one of our fellow ZNN Abyss Gazers! If you haven’t read the fanfiction already, you can click here!

With the artistic power of Koraru-san, the first part of the fanfiction has a comic adaptation, with great illustrations that definitely reflect the emotions from the original fanfiction! You can check out the first part of the comic right after the break, or go over to Koraru-san’s deviantart!


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