Story: Zootopian Eclipse

Art by MetaDragonArt

[Rating M16][Sci-Fi][Action][Crossover][Incomplete]

It’s probably a good idea to possess at least a basic knowledge of the source material of “Eclipse Phase” before reading, as this crossover offering from Zarpaulus immerses itself in the world of that 2009 RPG: its mechanics, its world-building, many of its themes. But even if you don’t, strap in for a fascinating embrace of both the Zootopia and Eclipse Phase worlds in one fast-paced, exceedingly creative, entertaining adventure as you learn the ins and outs of both Old and New Zootopia and what led to The Fall. Rated M; some violence may not be for the squeamish. ~YFWE

Author: Zarpaulus

Description :
Your instinct is software. Program it! Your species is a sleeve. Change it! Death is a disease. Cure it! Extinction is approaching. Fight it! 150 years ago, the discovery of ancient “cornucopia machines” made the dream of Zootopia possible. 30 years ago the machines yielded a new set of miracles, the limitations of species itself could be transcended. 10 years ago, they turned.

Zootopian Eclipse

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