Story: Side Stories

Art by TheWinterBunny

[Rating M16][Tragedy][Drama][Hurt/Comfort]

If you’re a fan of the author eng050599 and can’t get enough of his medical story “Lost Causes and Broken Dreams,” be sure to give this collection a look! Functioning as a compilation of his secondary works, “Side Stories” both expands on the LC&BD universe and offers a varied selection of his other miscellaneous writing projects in the fandom. One thing you can count on here is all of the chapters carry qualities that have become staples of his writing style: extreme pathos, well-developed characters, and astonishingly fluid and descriptive action sequences. ~DrummerMax64

Author: eng050599

Description :
A repository for any side projects that come along. This is where the Side Stories for Lost Causes and Broken Dreams will go, along with any original one shots that I come up with. This will only be updated rarely, as I have enough trouble getting chapters for LC&DB out the door.

Side Stories
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