Story: Missing You

Art by TheWinterBunny

[Rating T13][Romance][Adventure]

It lives! Chapter one of this story existed for nearly a year as simply a one-shot before it was recently revitalized with a new chapter by the author. At only two chapters in, it’s anyone’s guess how the story will go, but given how Dancing Lunar Wolves can paint a gorgeous and invigorating scene of just Nick and Judy walking around town after work, I’m excited to see what happens. It’s a classic tale off fox-in-love-but-scared-to-admit-it, and with Judy missing as of chapter two, there’s certainly enough intrigue to warrant a read. ~Mordecai

Author: DancingLunarWolves

Description :
Nicholas Wilde never thought that he’d have to call in a missing mammal alert for his partner, Judy Hopps. As the desperate search for his dear friend ensues, what will he find in the shadows of Zootopia? How will his life be changed? Will he change the lives of others? Where has she gone? And, most of all, can he find her in time? Nobody imagined that a fox would miss a bunny.

Missing You
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Additional Tags: Nick is a jerk for his prank in chapter one, real talk.

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