Comic: Sunrise in Zootopia (by Jaskenator7000)

Fun fact- cops in-uniform wear clip-on ties.  This is to prevent their ties from being used as a choking weapon against them in any hostile situations.

However, thanks to Nick’s style including real ties, there’s something known in the fandom as the “Manual Vulpine Guidance System“, or M.V.G.S. for short.

The M.V.G.S. in action, as shown in Disney’s own promotional art for the movie.

I’m sure you can imagine how this might go once Nick is an actual cop.  And in case you hadn’t thought of it (which, surprisingly, not many people seem to have done), there’s one inevitable result.  Poor Judy.  Still, if she didn’t think of it, Jaskenator7000 did!

Check it out over on Jaskenator’s deviantart, or after the break!


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