Story: WildeHopps Week: Something More

Art by StarfangsSecrets

[Rating T13][Drama][Romance][Fluff][Complete]

WildeHopps aficionados will get a real kick out of this one. Written specifically for that one week of the year dedicated to celebrating the fandom’s most popular ship, “Something More” is an excellent collaborative effort from two wonderful Zootopia fanfic writers, Starfang’s Secrets and ADeadMissionary. The plot is fairly simple as far as WildeHopps stories go – Nick and Judy work out some issues between them before taking the plunge and becoming a couple – but the emotional tenderness and warm chemistry more than make up for that singular fault. A great showing from this talented writing duo! ~DrummerMax64

Author: Starfang’s Secrets, ADeadMissionary

Description :
Caught in her own lie, Judy asks Nick to pretend to be her boyfriend while her parents are in town. Secretly harboring romantic feelings for the doe, Nick agrees to it.

WildeHopps Week: Something More
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  1. An entertaining story that comes across as a little uneven. The first five chapters deal soundly with the "fake boyfriend" aspect of the tale and is quite enjoyable to read as you watch Nick and Judy deal with the various pitfalls associated with that story trope. The sixth chapter shifts into a vignette-style of story-telling and some of the vignettes don't seem to fit the tone of the story that was previously established. The seventh chapter spins off from one of the vignettes and feels like it belongs to a different story. The events in chapter seven are quite heart-warming to read but they tend to invalidate the premise and goals that were driving Judy at the beginning of the story.

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