Comic: Nick and Judy, Part 2 (by Amand4)

When dealing with Judy, there are two rules.  One, don’t call her cute.  Two, don’t mess with her.  She is fully capable of messing you up.  The only mammal to successfully get away with breaking rule two is Nick, and even then she does have her limits.

That’s right, we’re back with part 2 of Amand4‘s classic “Nick and Judy” series!  These brief glimpses at their life post-movie really helped the early fandom seal the deal on WildeHopps (although, lets be honest, the movie gave us all the help we needed, comics like these were more icing on the cake.  Or the bun, in this case).

Check it out over on Amand4’s deviantart, or after the break!

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  1. I'd forgotten just how absolutely adorable this is! Judy's expressions are fantastic! Nick's smirk, then realizing he's pushing his partner too far. Just a great little comic. Thanks for the refresh! Stubat

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