Story: A New Dawn

Art by ConMan1226

[Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Drama][Incomplete]

Two years in prison couldn’t change Bellwether’s mind about predators, but maybe Nick and Judy can? As the Most Hated Mammal in Zootopia, Dawn Bellwether was given a second chance to enact her plot of subjugating the predators after escaping prison. But first, she must get her revenge on the villains that ruined her plans: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. This lighthearted fic takes us through a journey with Bellwether as her plot for revenge challenges her views on both prey and predators and hopefully, transforms her into “A New Dawn”. ~Calidian

Author: Connor-Olen

Description :
After two years in prison, Dawn Bellwether’s hatred for predators has only grown. When a massive prison break occurs, she is one of many inmates to escape. All she wants is revenge on the two mammals that ruined her life. But things don’t go according to her plan, and she eventually begins to question everything she thought she knew.

A New Dawn

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