Comic: You Need More Practice (by MissMikopete)

If anyone was curious if WildeHopps was a timeless pairing for the ages… well, MissMikopete’s comic here proves that it is!  You can put Nick and Judy in any time period, any setting, and the chemistry of the characters will prevail over whatever circumstances they have been placed in.

Plus, having Nick be the son of Robin Hood and Maid Marion is just fantastic to me.  I love that movie and those characters.

Check out the full comic over on MissMikopete’s Deviantart, or after the break!


  1. Love it! If Zootopia took place years, instead of centuries, after Robin Hood. That would be the best crossover Disney could do.

  2. Well, quite a few people already believe Robin Hood takes place in the past of Zootopia, so it's not a huge leap to begin with.

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