Comic: Disintegrator! (by Kulkum and TheWyvernsWeaver)

Comics like this make me want to get better at art / get more friends who are good at art.  Why?  Because if you’re good at art, you can give life to even the silliest ideas.  It’s communication at its finest.  After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
This is just a silly little thing that Kulkum and TheWyvernsWeaver made while working on the next part of Sunderance, but it’s definitely funny enough to deserve a feature.  After all, there’s no telling what could happen if Nick and Judy were sent out to capture a mad scientist with a disintegration ray.
Check out the full comic for yourself over on tumblr, deviantart, or after the break!  And if you have any ridiculous, silly sketches like this, then by all means, send them over to us- we’d love to see them, and maybe even feature them as well.


  1. Scientist: Hmm… it would appear it only disintegrates nonorganic matter….. That's an issue.
    Judy: I'm not complaining… No issues here.

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